Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Flickr is a fun site with amazing photos. I liked that could find current photos as well as very old photos from Library of Congress. Photos showed surprisingly fast for using home computer with modem connection. From what I've been told, I cannot access this site through our district internet.

This link shows a photo of dust storm from dust bowl days in 1930's.

Web 2.0--Lesson 2

Even though O'Reilly's article was published in 05 and Blyberg's in 06--there was still a lot of new information for me. I found understanding what 2.0 actually is more easily after reading O'Reilly's explanation. And some of the things, such as voice capability on computer, have come to pass--not to mention Skype as demonstrated on Oprah. But district technology blocks most of 2.0 interactions at school. My home computer that still accesses Internet with a modem does not have capability of using some or I'm too impatient to wait. I attended a TLA session several years ago on implementing 2.0. It was interesting and informative but I still haven't been able to implement what was demonstrated then and see no immediate changes in our district policies.


It's a typical July day--hot with heat index even hotter than actual temperature. I spent yesterday helping some fellow librarians who will soon publish their own books on famous Texans--but these books are geared for K-2. Should be a great resource in classrooms.

Friday, May 29, 2009

First try

Going to see how well can keep up with new technology--moving on!!!